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Betting Advice

Five easy ways to improve your match rates

happy man

Want to improve your match rates and be as pleased with yourself as this happy chap? You’ve come to the right place…

Situated slap bang on the BetConnect front line, our trading team sees all the bets our users want to get on. This unique position affords them Rain Man-level powers when determining the Bet Requests likely to get matched and those destined for rejection. Who better to ask for advice on improving your match rates?

Follow these five simple tips to massively increase the chances of your bets getting fully matched.

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Harvey says… Know the market

Match rates are heavily dependent on the price you request and the general market conditions at that time. The most important element when trying to get matched is whether the price you’re requesting is bigger than the lay price on the other exchanges. Most punters simply won’t match your bet if they can do so elsewhere at a lower price.

Eamonn says… Choose your own odds

Thanks Harvey, that cues my tip up nicely! We recently introduced the ability to set your own odds, and it’s well worth sacrificing a slither of value to ensure your bets get fully matched. On the Punter side, we’ve introduced a Better Odds Available feature, which highlights when there’s potential matched betting profits to be made. It makes matching your bets a no-brainer for Punters, and we’ve already seen it have a huge impact on match rates.

Jimmy says… Bet early

The earlier on race/match day a Bet Request is created, the more chance it has of getting fully matched. This might sound obvious, but if, like us, you’re used to traditional exchanges where liquidity is so dependent on everyone else’s prices and revealing your hand early can have devastating effects, it’s well worth noting. Y’know, early birds and worms and all that.

Ian says… Mix it up

There’s a huge appetite for a variety of sports. While horse racing and football make up the bulk of the bets, we see huge bets on other sports get snapped up in minutes because of their relative scarcity. Just this last week, we’ve seen basketball and darts bets hoovered up like nobody’s business.

Kennie says… When the fun stops, stop

Okay, so while that may not seem like relevant advice for getting your bets matched, it’s scientifically proven that the more bets someone loses in one session, the worse their success rate gets. So, only bet for fun, and you’ll likely place smarter bets, which will be more likely to get matched. See, it was relevant advice after all!

Best bookie prices. No restrictions. Come over to BetConnect now for 30 days’ commission-free betting.


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