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Exchange Betting

BetConnect – a unique sports betting exchange

A uniquely transparent exchange, BetConnect is a social sports betting platform that lets successful gamblers place their bets without fear of account restrictions.

It solves the problem of professional bettors (Pros) getting their accounts closed or severely limited simply because they are too good at winning. It does this by providing an exchange where Pros create bets (called Bet Requests) which are then matched by the growing internal network of Punters. 

It begins with a Bet Request

Punters can choose the sports they want to receive Bet Requests for and the maximum amount they would like their liability to be. On receiving a Bet Request, Punters have three options.

  1. They can MATCH the bet, acting as a bookie to the Pro by laying a designated slice of his whole bet.
  2. They can hit the MATCH + MORE  button. By doing this, they are pinging us a request to lay more of the Pro’s bet.
  3. The Bet Request can be REJECTED, which simply means that it will be passed on to other Punters to take action on.

The first thing you are asked to do when opening a BetConnect account is to consider whether your betting profile makes you more likely to want to open a Pro or a Punter account.

Pro is someone who typically has a strong opinion about what to bet on and at what price and is not adverse to placing a large stake.

Punter is typically someone who is either a Matched Betting fan or who logs in with an open mind and is keen to pick up interesting tips from successful bettors.

Have both accounts if you want

Of course, you can also have BOTH ACCOUNTS – just make sure you select a different email address when registering your second account.

BetConnect suits Pros because:

  • They no longer need to worry about their accounts being restricted or closed down altogether
  • They can request large bets at the odds they want and at the time they want
  • They do not need to drip-feed exchanges or accept some of the bet will be placed at less attractive odds.

BetConnect suits Punters because:

  • They can get involved in matched betting (we don’t mind you arbing!)
  • They can lay bets as they would at a traditional exchange, but with 0% commission
  • They can lay bets at bookmakers’ odds (which are usually at better terms than when laying with an exchange).
  • They can see the ROI of the Pro who created the Bet Request and consider acting on his information. Use him as a free tipping service!

Open a BetConnect Pro account and benefit from 90 days of commission-free betting. Open a Punter account to lay the Pros at bookie prices and we’ll give you £50 in free bets, plus you can benefit from the Pros’ tips. Or open both accounts if you fancy it!

What sports does BetConnect offer?

We currently offer betting on 14 sports. They are football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, golf, rugby union, rugby league, boxing, darts, snooker, baseball, American Football, basketball and ice hockey. This offering will be expanded as BetConnect grows.

Pros get 0% commission on all sports for their first 90 days and monthly 0% offers on specific sports. Standard rates are just 1% commission on football and 2% on all other sports. It’s also worth noting commission is paid on matched stakes, not winnings. As previously stated, there is 0% commission to pay for Punters who lay the Pros’ bets.

Is BetConnect a traditional betting exchange?

Rather than the anonymity found in traditional betting exchanges, on BetConnect the ROI of the person you’re betting against is visible. This means you can make a truly informed choice. If you like the look of the bet you also have the option to follow it in.

All bets are at latest bookmaker prices. As a Pro you will always be able to get the best odds on the market. Best of all, unlike every other exchange currently operating, Punters pay 0% commission. If you’re interested in a Pro account but concerned about liquidity, don’t be. Five-figure Bet Requests regularly get fully matched.

Can I use Betconnect for matched betting?

BetConnect is the ideal platform for matched betting. Simply create a Punter account and claim your £50 in free matched bets.

We allow Matched Bettors to act as bookmakers and lay bets at the same odds as bookmakers are offering. This enables them to incur zero qualifying loss with BetConnect on the bets they lay. Matched betting allows Punters to utilise bookmaker offers such as Best Odds Guaranteed, Extra Places and 2Up to make their journey even more profitable.

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And don’t forget, we don’t charge commission for Punters. You’ll get a better return with us than you can with the typical betting exchange.

What can I do with a Punter account?

As a Punter you’ll get personalised Bet Requests based on your account settings (preferred sports and maximum liability). You can change these settings at any time.

Our smart algorithm divides the stake of a Pro’s Bet Request across several Punter accounts, so you’ll get bets at the amounts right for you. All our Pro ROIs are visible and you can connect with Pro accounts without the subscription fees charged by most tipsters. You can also block Pro accounts you no longer want to receive Bet Requests from.

You have eight minutes after unlocking a Bet Request to make your decision.

Open a BetConnect Pro account and benefit from 90 days of commission-free betting. Open a Punter account to lay the Pros at bookie prices and we’ll give you £50 in free bets, plus you can benefit from the Pros’ tips. Or open both accounts if you fancy it!

What do I do with a Bet Request?

Upon unlocking a Bet Request, you have three options:

  1. Not interested in the Pro’s bet? Reject the Bet Request.
  2. Reckon the Pro’s bet has no chance of winning? Lay the Bet Request.
  3. Like the look of the Pro’s bet? Follow the Bet Request.

How do I follow a Bet Request?

If you choose to follow a Bet Request, you need to stake the potential liability from your BetConnect funds. Then place the Pro’s bet at whichever online bookmakers you choose.

You also have the option of turning on Match + More in your account settings. So if you like the look of a Bet Request you can match more of the stake.

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, you could just take the Pro’s bet as a tip and go and put it on without staking the liability. However your Punter rating will be affected and you’ll soon be put to the back of the Bet Request queue. If you consistently unlock Bet Requests and don’t stake the liability or lay the bet, you’ll stop receiving them entirely.

Should I get a Pro account?

Open a Pro account if you’ve had your bookie accounts restricted or closed for being a repeat winner. At BetConnect, winners are welcome! With no maximum stake and excellent liquidity, a Pro account is great for anyone who wants to get bets on without being penalised or limited by the bookmakers. You also have the advantage of seeing a wide range of bookmakers’ prices for your intended selections.

How do I create a Bet Request?

Choose Create Bet Request and select the sport you want to bet on. Next, you have the choice of several available markets. Finally, choose the best odds, add the stake you want matched and submit your Bet Request. Simple.

Can I have a Punter and a Pro account?

Yes. So whether you fancy creating Bet Requests, laying Bet Requests at 0% commission, or following Bet Requests in, you can.