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Matched Betting Tips: 4 simple steps to boost your profits

In theory, matched betting should guarantee a risk-free profit. You are covering all outcomes of an event, therefore removing the element if chance. However, as with anything in life, there is always the possibility of human error. Mistakes will hit your matched betting profits and see you waste those all-important bookmaker promotions. We’ve put together this list of matched betting tips to help you avoid any costly errors. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, following these simple steps will boost your profits significantly.

Matched Betting Tips

Do your research

First and foremost, do your research. Before you even look at a bookmaker offer, you need to understand exactly what matched betting is and how it works. Remember, real money is in play here. Jumping straight in could see you make a costly mistake, if you don’t give up at the first hurdle that is. Luckily, there’s plenty of educational material out there, including our own Definitive Guide to Matched Betting.

Get organised

Once you’ve decided matched betting is for you, it’s time to get organised. It goes without saying that you should also have your bookmaker passwords stored somewhere safe. Most matched bettors also use a spreadsheet to keep track of their progress over time. Creating a new email account will help make sure you don’t miss out on any bonuses or free bet offers. Similarly, you may choose to open a new bank account. Keeping your deposits and withdrawals separate from your personal spending will make it easier for you to see how much money you have made.

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Despite what you may have heard, matched betting is not a get-rich-quick scheme. How much you can make depends entirely on the time and energy you are willing to put into it. Although it can be tempting to do everything at once, this is how mistakes will occur. Ease yourself in, learn the ropes and don’t take on too many offers in one go. Every bookmaker promotion will be different and it’s up to you to be aware of their terms and conditions. In particular, remember to pay close attention to bonus expiration dates and minimum odds requirements, for example. Over time this will become second nature to you. And as your confidence grows, you can start looking into some of the more complicated offers. 

Avoid bookmaker restrictions

As a matched bettor, you will be in profit in the long term – and bookmakers don’t like winners. That’s why any matched bettor worth their salt will be restricted by a bookmaker at some point. This is likely to mean you won’t receive any future promotions or free bets. With over 70 registered bookmakers in the UK, this is of course not the end of the world, however there are steps you can take to avoid being ‘gubbed’. You just need to dedicate some time to behaving like a regular punter, be it by placing low stake accumulators or taking up the occasional price boost. This should help to mask your matched betting activity and prolong the lifespan of your accounts.

Start matched Betting with BetConnect

Hopefully you found our matched betting tips helpful – now it’s time to put them into practice! Unlike other exchanges, BetConnect allows you to lay bets at bookmaker prices without any commission. This will help to boost your overall matched betting profits by minimising your qualifying losses on bookmaker promotions. It’s a no-brainer. Sign up for your free BetConnect account today to start taking advantage.


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