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Matched Betting on Football: BetConnect shows you how

Beginners Guide to Matched Betting on Football

Sports gamblers looking to get the most potential from their free football bets will find the concept of football matched betting particularly interesting. If you’re new to this gambling method, this is a great introduction to matched betting on football games, a way of betting that continues to grow in popularity.

Football matched betting has been around for several years, but there will be many readers that are not that familiar with it. Here you will find out about the concept of matched betting, how people use it to secure betting profits, and how you can use it in the future.

How does Football Matched Betting work?

The idea of matched betting is a way for gamblers to minimise losses by placing a separate bet against their original stake. For example, in Football matched betting, it would mean wagering on a team to win and having another bet on that team not to win. Betting covers any game outcome and means that the person betting on a game can either win or break even (depending on the odds, of course).

A lot of sports gamblers use this method to qualify for bonus-free bets without the risk of losing an initial stake. For example, a site might offer £20 in free bets after an initial bet is placed of £5 so covering this £5 stake with a matched betting football wager can help avoid the risk of losses. The bettor will then have these free bets with which they can place stakes as normal or continue with a matched betting strategy.

Whilst football matched betting is a great way for gamblers to access free bet bonuses, it can also be used to cover all sports bets they are placing. Whilst this method removes the loss potential of sports bets, it also limits the amount that can be won, resulting in smaller wins or breaking even with most bets. The amount that can be won depends on the stakes and the time they are willing to put into this method, but it is important to remember that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Matched Betting in practice

In order to place football matched betting stakes, players start by selecting a fixture; let’s say Chelsea vs Arsenal and back one of the teams (Chelsea) to win. They will then lay a stake on this team not to win, so Arsenal to win, or the match to end in a draw with the return from both bets cancelling out any potential loss. If the gambler has qualified for a free bet, the stakes will cost less, making the potential to profit higher.

Although the specific terminology doesn’t matter, the first stake set on a team to win is known as the ‘back’ bet, and the second stake on it not to win is the ‘lay’ bet. Because these stakes cover all possible game outcomes, this isn’t considered gambling, as there is no chance of losing.

Most Profitable Betting Strategies

The difference between match betting football stakes and betting on a single outcome is that there is a possibility this outcome will not occur. When it comes to picking a team to back, the odds on offer will often reflect the potential of a team to win, meaning the team less likely to come out on top will return a greater payout. The lack of losing potential in football matched betting means that stakes can be placed on the underdog to win, and if they lose, the money will be made back with the lay bet.

You may be wondering if this gambling method is allowed. The answer is yes; there is nothing illegal about matched betting football games, although the bookmakers don’t appreciate this method. If a gambling site finds members using matched betting on sports games, they are able to ban this account or disallow bets. This is because a method of placing stakes where the bettor cannot lose is not profitable to the bookmakers and can only result in the stake money back or more.

Where can I start Matched Betting on Football?

If you like the sound of matched betting on football, BetConnect has a service designed specifically for that. The matched betting process has been simplified, making it easier than ever to cover all game outcomes with great return potential.

As well as offering the best odds on football matches taken from the biggest sports gambling, the Matched Betting Pro software on-site makes setting these stakes easier than ever. Matched Betting Pro allows bettors to minimise losses by offering lay bets at bookmaker prices and taking no commission from the payout. What is revolutionary about Matched Betting Pro is that you can lock in odds for 60 seconds with the BetConnect timer, so you don’t fall foul of last-minute price changes.

Whether you’re new to matched betting or not, the process of laying your first football matched betting stakes at BetConnect is an easy experience. With Matched Betting Pro, a team of experts is on hand for any specialist support needed with the software and to help users learn more about setting these stakes.

Summary and Conclusion

We think the positives of football match betting are clear; by covering all possible outcomes, this method removes the stress from betting on live sports. Once a user has set matched betting stakes a couple of times and knows what it is they are looking for, the method becomes quick and easy. Being able to place these bets quicker can make for more winning potential each day with Football matched betting.

The returns with matched betting may not be as lucrative as setting a stake on an individual game outcome. Covering all outcomes requires a larger initial bet; however, if you’re looking to build up a kitty slowly, this method is for you!