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How to Beat The Bookies | 30 Day Sports Betting Challenge

If you are still wondering how to utilise BetConnect’s best odds and maximise your profit, then the video above is perfect for you. Caan Berry, who is very well known in betting circles, set himself a 30 day challenge to show how you can beat the bookies. The video showcases Caan Berry’s journey on his 30-day challenge of outsmarting the bookies. In his own words, they “couldn’t even stop me from doing it”. 

You have probably taken the time to watch the video, so you will know all about what happened and how successful he was with his challenge. Of course, if you have a certain amount of funds, you could try out a 30-day challenge of your own and see if the results are the same. Please do not attempt it if you do not have disposable income, however. In the video, Caan wanted to keep the challenge simple and placed several bets daily on horse racing markets. Horse racing is arguably one of the best markets to use for a challenge like this because the odds are regularly quite high. With BetConnect’s best odds, you are sure to find value in every galloping giant you choose.

Caan Berry’s Goal

Before getting into the challenge, we want to look at some information provided to get you into the mixer. First things first, what was Caan’s goal? The goal was to get the best value prices on every bet, beating the industry starting price (ISP) and maximising profit. Now, a follow-up question may have sprung to mind. What exactly is an industry starting price? The ISP is the official bookmaker’s price at the start of a race or event. If you are beating the ISP, the bookmaker can restrict or ban the account because they know that someone beating the ISP consistently will win more often than lose. The final objective defined by Caan Berry before his challenge was to avoid these restrictions whilst “laughing at the bookies’ expense”.

Now, this is where BetConnect gets involved. Our site has a back and lay side and we do not classify ourselves as bookmakers. Rather than creating our book and our odds, we compile all of the best odds from around the web into one safe place to bet. We are not bookmakers; we are book breakers! BetConnect is the middleman between other users that can get a bet on the current bookmaker prices. Arguably, this makes us better than other bookmakers who promise the world and, at times, provide frustration.

Starting The 30 Day Challenge

The 30-day challenge started off badly through no fault of our own as Caan Berry picked two losing bets. The silver lining from this introductory experience was the compliments we received about our Know Your Customers process; our sign-up process is so quick and simple. This is one thing that a lot of online sportsbook users will become agitated with; slow sign-ups and a need for lots of documents to be uploaded.

Caan realised at this point that he should create a separate record in Excel to compare the prices he got from our site against the ISP and nine of the largest betting brands. He logged all their prices when he placed his bets and recorded the ISP after the race had settled. Caan showed no results between Days 2 and 10, but he did mention that there had been a decent few winners and that his overall sample on the Excel sheet was building up nicely. He was consistently getting the best price, and doing this was starting to show where it mattered. Caan admitted that there were a few bumps along the way during his experience in the first ten days, but overall he was pleased.

Beating The Industry Starting Price

Now, the next ten days, from 11 to 20, showed a string of losing results that slowed down the process and were frustrating for Caan, but the Industry Starting Price was beaten on 83.6% of bets so far. That meant the profit margin would have been huge if there were more wins throughout this portion of the challenge. Caan’s realistic and optimistic approach to the 30-day challenge meant he was not displaying any disheartenment. He openly understands that backing bigger-priced horses will typically result in losses because these horses are priced higher for a reason.

There is bound to be variation in the results during a challenge of this calibre, but while beating the ISP 83.6% of the time, the variation seems to be tipping in your favour! This is why bookmakers restrict smart players, but our team at BetConnect are not interested in limiting stakes or repeatedly asking for more copies of bank statements and documents. We help you outsmart the bookies while giving you the best odds simultaneously.

Maximising Profit with Best Odds Guaranteed

Upon reaching the final day of the 30-day challenge, as will be shown towards the end of the above video, a reflection on the journey of Caan Berry is displayed. His approach was explained clearly at the beginning, so scroll back up if you need to jog your memory, but the results were finally in! How did he get on with this challenge, and what was the outcome? 

Over the 30 days of the challenge, Caan placed 69 bets with a value of £20 each. This totalled £1,380 placed in bets over the entire 30-days. You may be shocked that only 18 of the 69 bets won. This implies a negative result in the challenge, but if you remember what was mentioned earlier, the ISP was beaten on many bets. With the entire challenge complete, the ISP was beaten 75.3% of the time, which meant most prices were really good value. The entire month finished with a PROFIT of £1,070; incredible numbers considering only a quarter of the bets won! 

The most important thing Caan Berry had to remember during this process was that BetConnect did not penalise him. We do not believe in punishing our players for winning, and we want you to be successful. There are no account restrictions, no extra charges, and no repeat requests for documentation upon requesting a withdrawal.

30 Day Betting Challenge Summary

Concerning the goals set at the start of the video, the big three factors were all ticked off. That made the mission a complete success. We appreciate Caan Berry for taking the time and the money to provide people with this great piece of video content and for displaying to the world how BetConnect operates. Even with smaller stakes, this method could work similarly, meaning profit can be made even with small stakes and low strike rates. Of course, this success may not be directly mirrored by other people’s success. If you put in the time and effort Caan did to check the odds against the ISP, however, you should be pretty close!