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2022 NFL season preview: Who lifts the Lombardi Trophy?

2022 NFL Season Preview

The 2022 NFL season begins on the 9th of September, mere weeks away, so it’s time to look at what’s coming. A new season means all new excitement, and many controversies could spawn in the next few weeks.

In this article, we will give you a preview of the upcoming American Football season and drop a few predictions for what we think will go down. We will divide the article into the given divisions to make it easier to follow and find specific teams.

AFC North

Despite the Baltimore Ravens finishing bottom of the chart last season, their 2022 off-season has proven very useful. Their secondary as a team is now one of the strongest in American Football. This could potentially see them produce more of a challenge this year.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be looking to retain the AFC North top spot having gone all the way to the Super Bowl last season. That was a surprise to many but their offensive weapons with

Although the Pittsburgh Steelers have a long history or excellence, the retirement of franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gives them plenty of questions to answer heading into the new season. Najee Harris had an excellent rookie season but the running back can’t carry the load alone.

The Cleveland Browns will need to pick up their game further if they avoid the bottom spot in the AFC North table. Their fans have been hopeful for a while but a string of poor QB’s drafted has seen them struggle in general for a long time.

AFC East

Last year, the Buffalo Bills landed their division, seeing 11 wins throughout the season. They have found the Chiefs too strong in the playoffs for the last two seasons but they are a franchise threatening to win the whole thing. This year could be the time for Josh Allen to lead his team to the promised land.

This starkly contrasts the somewhat disappointing New York Jets, finishing with only four wins and a devilish 13 losses. In the midst of a rebuild that has been taking forever, they look set for a another struggle.

The New England Patriots, 2nd in AFC East last season, are continuing to build on their offensive line during the off-season. This new look offensive system should see them in the hunt for a playoff berth once more.

Finally in this division are the Miami Dolphins. The ‘Fins’ showed flashes of class last season but a tough opening four games looks set to have them on the back foot from the get go this time around.

AFC South

The Houston Texans may have one of the worst rosters in the NFL, but this year there are some factors to bring excitement. A lot of the squad depth at this time is youthful and aiming to prove themselves in the sport, so this season will be a big test where youth comes up against experience.

In a poor division, it was easy for the Tennesse Titans to live up to their titan status, finishing last season with 12 wins under their belts, and with the return of Derrick Henry to the offensive line, they could keep this going in 2022.

Indianapolis Colts are strengthening in the Quarterback position after Carson Wentz was disappointing. Matt Ryan has come in from the Falcons to take over, with running back Jonathan Taylor still the star offensive player. They can’t do it all alone, however.

Jacksonville Jaguars are still lacking in the offence department, which could see them take another heavy stay at the bottom of the AFC South table.

AFC West

The AFC West is arguably the toughest division in the NFL, but all will be told during the upcoming season. Last year, the Denver Broncos suffered some heavy defeats due to a lacking defensive line. They have signed Russell Wilson from Seattle but they will still need improvements on the D.

Sitting atop the AFC West table were the Kansas City Chiefs, who saw only five losses out of 17 games. This could be greatly credited to Patrick Mahomes, whose individual stats last season were incredible. They have turned into perennial contenders and we envision they’ll be there at the business end again.

The Las Vegas Raiders seem to have issues within their offensive line, not scoring as many points as they would have liked last year but finishing second by a somewhat small margin. This has not been addressed so it’s hard to think they’ll have much success.

In California, the Los Angeles Chargers are trying to solve their right tackle spot during the offseason. A revolving door in the spot is not help to them. They need stability or they will struggle to reach higher in the table again.

NFC North

In the frigid north, the Chicago Bears are another team hoping to thrive on the fruit of youthfulness. From an outside perspective, they are not Super Bowl ready with their squad, but they could surprise a few people if they play to their strengths. 

The Green Bay Packers had one of the best records in the NFC last season, finishing with 13 wins and four losses and very easily sitting at the top of the NFC North table. They look the ones to beat in their division once more.

It’s possible that the Minnesota Vikings could challenge the Green Bay Packers this season if they apply their offseason development properly. They have a strong enough roster to cause the Packers some issues with 10 wins not out of the question. 

Not so much can be said about the Detroit Lions, whose biggest flaw is their offensive line, struggling to score many points in many games. It looks set to be another long season in the Motor City.

NFC East

After seeing Micah Parsons’ performance in his rookie season at the Dallas Cowboys, they are building their defensive line around him. This could pay off well and see them holding the NFC East crown again. 

The New York Giants were anything but giant last year, suffering 13 losses and only scoring 258 points through all 17 games. There’s a lot of pressure on their offensive line to produce this time around.

It’s been a bit of a fall from grace for the Philadelphia Eagles. From winning the Super Bowl a few years ago to finishing second in NFC East in 2021. They have a capable squad that could challenge the Cowboys for the crown.

Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne are still one of the best duos in the NFL, but the rest of the Washington Commanders squad needs to play as if they have a chance.

NFC South

Despite finishing third in the division table, the Atlanta Falcons have some star players on their hands. Kyle Pitts became the first rookie tight end to be named to the Pro Bowl in 20 years. His talent alone makes the Falcons worth watching.

On the topic of star players, 7-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is still with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who will be looking to retain the NFC South crown for another year. 

Second place in the division last year were the New Orleans Saints. They will be hoping to find the answer to Tom Brady’s exceptional skill finally with Brady dominating the franchise. Jameis Winston is inconsistent at QB, he needs to step up.

The Carolina Panthers finished bottom in the division but conceded fewer points than the Falcons They have worked on improving their offensive line but will that be enough? We doubt it.

NFC West

The Arizona Cardinals lost 4 of their final 5 games last season to miss out on the NFC West Title. They will be looking to improve on that weak finish this season. The return of DeAndre Hopkins from his suspension part way through this season will see the receiving options revert to their strongest point. 

Reigning Super Bowl champion, Los Angeles Rams, have their hearts and horns set on retaining their crown. Their squad is filled to the brim with star players, so if the Cardinals want to snatch the NFC West title, they will not let it happen without a fight. 

One team who may surprise some people this season is the San Francisco 49ers. They will want to prove last season wasn’t a fluke. That said, we would not like to give them too much confidence when they are competing against the two teams mentioned above. 

The Seattle Seahawks suffered ten losses but managed to finish with a positive Net Points value – one of only two bottom-spot teams to do so last year, along with the Denver Broncos. That is a small positive for fans to cling to in what is shaping up to be another tough season.


So, who wins? We’re predicting a Bills V Chiefs conference final in the AFC and Packers V Rams in the NFC. Those who like an outsider, perhaps the Eagles can improve enough to challenge again.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief preview to the upcoming NFL season! This article should give you a rough idea on the upcoming campaign and teams that will be looking to have a successful season- and teams that may struggle.
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